This article reviews the best pressure washer for driveways, because, who isn’t impressed with a fresh looking driveway?

To make it easy we have divided this review into two categories –

Firstly, best pressure washer for larger driveway areas (80m2 plus)

 Secondly, best pressure washer for smaller driveway areas (80m2 and under)

Finally, to make it even easier we have made a comparison table and technical specification tables for each pressure washer, too!

Pressure washers (or jet washers to a lot of people) are easy to use requiring no specialist skills.

They are a popular choice for cleaning driveways because they are fun to use and very, very….very efficient!

Read on to find the best pressure washer for you.


Before choosing the best pressure washer, safety first

 Anyone using a pressure washer must follow these safety precautions.

 Remember, a pressure washer is a powerful electrical device being used with water. Therefore, as a minimum ensure the electrical extension lead (that the pressure washer plugs into) – is kept well away from water.

 !!Never touch the electrical power supply with wet hands!!

All users of pressure washers should familiarise themselves with the settings of their machine. In addition use a pressure washer considerately, and take care around other people, animals or other electrical equipment.

 Best Pressure Washer – Keep these things in mind:


Every pressure washer has an instruction and safety manual – get to know it.

  •  All pressure washers reviewed in this article are durable; and with proper care will last for many years.


  • If using a ‘high pressure’ setting ensure you keep a distance of at least 30cm from the driveway surface.

  • For block paving – Do not ‘blast’ the jointing between blocks.

  • For pattern imprinted concrete or resin – Do not ‘blast’ the surface.


Best Pressure Washer – a summary


All of the pressure washers reviewed in this article are potentially time saving, energy efficient and cost effective solutions to make any driveway look great.

Pressure washers are available for any type of driveway, patio or pathway and a lot of the decision making comes down to the size of the surface to be cleaned.

They also make a great gift! If you’re stuck for something to buy Dad – all Dads love a brand new pressure washers! Mums like them too, so they can give them to Dads!

 All users should keep in mind though; pressure washers are powerful machines and if you’re a new user they take a little bit of getting used to.

So, take it easy and go gentle until you’re familiar with the settings of your pressure washer. Then have as much fun as you like….and don’t forget to clean the driveway.

 Pressure washers are truly great tool to keep your driveway looking amazing.

 We hope this review will help you find the best pressure washer for you!






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Best Pressure Washer – Kärcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer

This pressure washer is a great choice for ease of use and all important power. Furthermore, it’s supplied with a 6m hose that conveniently reels in on the pressure washer itself. Included with the machine are:

  •  LED display to accurately see pressure
  •  Vario and Dirtblaster Lances
  •  Karcher T350 Patio Cleaning Attachment

 What we really like about this pressure washer (apart form its awesome power) is the ease of which you can monitor pressure via the LED display.  

The connectors are strong and made with longevity in mind. 

Technical Specs



  •  A powerful pressure washer (1800 Watts)

  • Hose conveniently connected to unit

  •  LED display for accurate pressure




  • Bulky to store

  • Heavier than other smaller range jet washers

The one feature we love 💕

 The LED display takes the guess work out of pressure. This makes it easy to ensure the right pressure is used for the right task.


Who is this pressure washer perfect for?

If  you have a driveway that is big this may be the pressure washer for you. Likewise, if you want to ensure you do not cause damage by using too much pressure – the LED display is a great help!

 Best Pressure Washer – The BOSCH AQT 45-14


What sets this pressure washer apart is both its powerful 2.1 kW motor and a flow rate of up to 450 litres an hour!

That’s a huge amount of power and pressure compacted into this unit that weighs 22kg. Its fan jet nozzle really gets into places that need that extra lift. This jet washer has the Bosch design and reputation for quality behind it, as well as Bosch’s renowned eye for detail with design.

 Like many larger jet washer models, the hose is conveniently attached to the jet washer and all accessories are stored on board. For any larger driveway areas this is a good choice.  

The ease of changing accessories with push fit connections make ease of use and convenience a major benefit of this pressure washer.


Technical Specs



  • Heavy decent strong wheels

  • Strong and long threaded inlet pipe

  • Separate patio cleaner nozzle (takes some practice to get right angle)


  • Heavy machine (22kg)

The one feature we love 💕

This pressure washer has a dedicated patio cleaner attachment. Whilst it takes a bit of getting used to and has to be held at the right angle it really does lift more stubborn pieces of mud and moss very easily.


Who is this pressure washer perfect for?

This pressure washer has a dedicated patio cleaner attachment. Whilst it takes a bit of getting used to and has to be held at the right angle it really does lift more stubborn pieces of mud and moss very easily.

Best Pressure Washer – WILKS – USA RX550 (generating a whopping 3800 psi) Sometimes unavailable

This pressure washer packs a punch.

Wilks are a US based company relatively new to the UK pressure washer market.

Does this matter?

Not really, this machine comes with a massive 3000 watts of power and has a maximum pressure of 3800 PSI (262 bar).

Wilks provide a generous range of accessories with this machine including a lance, turbo wand and rotary brush.

Not only that – as well as an on-board length of hose (8m) there is also an extra 18m coiled hose thrown in.

This impressive pressure washer packs a hefty maximum pressure of 3800 PSI and can make an easy job of lifting the thickest of moss growth.

For the price – a good deal.

Technical Specs



  • Massive pressure capabilities

  • Lots of extra accessories included

  • Huge reach with included coiled hose (28m)


  • Very heavy (27kg)

  • Cannot take water from water butt


The one feature we love 💕

With a maximum flow rate of 8.51 litres per minute combined with pressure up to 3800 bar – there isn’t much this pressure washer can’t deal with.


Who is this pressure washer perfect for?

Power hungry? Driveway that hasn’t been cleaned for years? If that’s you this pressure washer can take a lot of the effort out.


Best Pressure Washer – Kärcher K4 Compact

For smaller driveways this pressure washer gets the job done efficiently.

As, one of Kärcher’s mid range machines, the maximum pressure is just 130 PSI, but this is more than enough for regular driveway cleaning and maintenance.

Based on specifications, particularly flow rate, you should be able to cover 30 m2 in an hour or so.

This is ideal for smaller driveway areas but could cause frustration for any driveway over 70m2.

Keep this in mind!

 Similar to other Kärcher models, the accessories can be conveniently stored on board.

Water can be drawn from both static water supplies (tap) and harvested (water butt) supplies.

If you are looking to make light work of regular cleaning this compact model will do the job.

Technical Specs



  • Lightweight


  • Compact and easy to store


  • Power is sufficient for light cleaning

The one feature we love 💕

For light use on a smaller driveway areas this machine’s weight makes it an ideal pressure washer which is easy to use.


Who is this pressure washer perfect for?

If you’re just looking for a quicker way to clean your driveway, path or patio this easy to use pressure washer will do the job!


Author: Steve Goldstone

Steve has been in the driveway and construction industry for a long time and knows the ins and outs of the business. His aim is to help consumers see the wood through the trees in the world of concrete, resin, paving and patios!

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