How to reduce the cost of resin driveway installations – the easy way


The cost of resin driveway installations can be as cheap as £60 per square metre and add up to over £170 per square metre if extensive preparation (groundworks) are required. The easiest way to reduce the cost of a resin driveway installation? – opt for an overlay – if you can.

Like all driveway surfacing the larger the size of the area to be covered, the more the cost. This is due to increased materials and labour. The cost of resin driveway installations can be substantially reduced, however. This is only possible if an overlay of an existing concrete or Tarmacadam/Ashphalt surface is possible.


Cost of Resin Driveway – Concrete or Tarmacadam Overlay

The application of resin to an existing concrete or tarmacadam driveway is possible as long as the surface is suitable.

What do we mean by suitable?

An existing concrete surface must have drainage in place, which can either be to bedding or with existing channel drainage into a soakaway, for example. The surface must have all cracks filled in and for any larger cracks Epoxy based Everbuild can be used. Likewise, with tarmacadam all cracks must be repaired using a cold lay pothole repair kit.

With minimal remedial action, preparation costs are minimal. There’s no need for groundworks, including laying a new sub base and installing drainage. All that’s left is the cost of the resin, (and there are differences with resin), type of stone and labour.


Do not pay more than £80 per square metre if having an overlay. But also beware of any company/installer charging substantially less. As with all buying decisions relating to driveway surfacing ensure the company is professional and using the best resin products.


Cost of resin driveway – Full excavation, Installation of Sub – Base and Lay

Depending on the existing driveway surface, full groundworks will substantially increase the cost of a resin driveway to somewhere in the region of £120 to £170 per square metre.

For light groundworks with easy access and minimal waste – expect to pay £100 to £130 per square metre. However, if drainage, steps and more than two ‘grab lorry’ loads are needed expect to pay £140 upwards.

If the cost of resin driveway installation is quoted as over £170 per square metre there must either be difficulty with access and/or excavation, as well as substantial drainage and/or walling, brick pier/step issues.

What’s a grab lorry? And how much do they cost?

The disposal of excavated material (waste) from driveways is becoming a big issue. Whilst organic matter (trees, soil and bushes) can be disposed of easily, other materials such as tarmacadam (asphalt) and concrete (including old blocks and slabs) require extra energy demands for recycling and in the case of tar coated tarmacadam – this is simply not recyclable.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The disposal of any waste material from a driveway should be taken away by a licensed waste carrier. Concrete and tarmacadam are classified as demolition waste and the waste carrier you/your driveway company/installer use should hold an ‘Upper Tier’ licence. All homeowners are responsible for the suitable disposal of waste from their property.

Always check the waste carrier licence!

It’s also possible to have an grid system installed during the preparation stage and these will provide extra stability (at extra cost). These are really necessary for softer substrates and/or larger weight bearing capacity is needed.

Recycled ecogrid systems are a good option. The cost of these are around £1,400 for 100 square metres.

Learn about Gravel Grids and Permeability

Some Technical Answers Resin Bound Installations


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