Drivesett Tegula vs Tegula Priora

drivesett tegula
Drivesett Tegula Original or Priora?

Drivesett Tegula (original) is one of the most popular block paving surfacing products offered by Marshalls. They evoke an aged appearance that compliments any traditionally built house. This is important to many people as they do not want brash block paving that is too modern looking or creates too much of a contrast against existing brickwork.

First up….lets look at the main difference. Surface water drainage. This is a big issue in our environmentally conscious times.

So check your suitability for the Tegula Priora range before getting carried away!

Please complete the permeability suitability test questionnaire below.

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Drivesett Tegula vs Tegula Priora Colour Blends

Like with many driveway surfacing colours these fall into either black, greyish, reddish or yellowish blends.

Tegula original:

  • Traditional – Reddish and Grey
  • Harvest – Yellowish
  • Pennant Grey – Medium Grey
  • Hazlenut – Yellowish/Grey
  • Autumn – Reddish

Tegula Priora (the permeable choice):

  • Traditional – Reddish and Grey
  • Harvest – Yellowish
  • Pennant Grey – Medium Grey

So, if you are looking for a wider choice of colours Drivesett Tegula may be for you!

Drivesett Tegula vs Tegula Priora – Block sizes and Cost

By popular demand these have been clearly put together below for easy comparison (click on price for direct link -there may be a discount):

Drivesett Tegula Original Block Sizes
Length (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Number of blocks (per pack) Coverage M2 (approx) Cost (£) Click on price
320 240 50 108 8.2 £300-£350
240 240 50 184 10.6 £300-£350
240 160 50 284 10.9 £360-£390
160 160 50 426 10.9 £360-£390
120 160 50 606 11.6 £300-£350
Subject to change


Tegula Priora Block Sizes and Costs
Length (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Number of Blocks (per pack) Coverage M2 Cost (£) click on price
240 160 60 232 8.9 £390-£410
160 160 60 348 8.9 £400-£420
120 160 60 492 9.4 £400-£430
Subject to change


Drivesett Tegula are truly one of the most cost effective options for good quality block paving.

As always preparation of the sub base is key to achieving an awesome installation.

More on block paving installation and other block paving.

We hope our comparison helps you make an informed choice if you have Drivesett Tegula in your sights.

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