Driveway Resin Suppliers

Driveway Resin Suppliers
Driveway Resin Suppliers

Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of developments within the resin market and the number of driveway resin suppliers is growing, year on year.

It’s fiercely competitive and some manufacturers of resin have better reputations than others.

It can be hard to distinguish between good quality and bad.

Having high quality standards and a framework of quality driven approval for resin bound systems means consumers buy with trust.

Drivewaywise would like to congratulate The Resin Mill on achieving The British Board of Agreement Technical Approval Certificate.

This really puts the Resin Mill ‘out there’ as one of the few outstanding resin driveway suppliers of resin.

Installers take note.

With this certification in conjunction with training courses offered by The Resin Mill, installers will be able to pitch for major commercial projects, and compete with other resin suppliers that have become complacent and arrogant.

FeRFA is the Resin Flooring Association and represent driveway resin suppliers and contractors within the industry.

Getting their approval is a big step and FeRFA’s press release explains why.

Epitomises Product Excellence


Architects, specifiers and local authorities looking for impartial product approval can be assured of the reiability of resin bound systems from The Resin Mill


It’s a huge achievement….It’s about improving and growing the market in a professional manner

The Resin Mill

Being a supplier of BBA approved products will give our client the upper hand in a competitive market place

The Resin Mill

The primary objective of Drivewaywise is to help consumers get outstanding driveway, patio and pathway installations. We’re not aligned with any suppliers of resin and this post is written without any contact with The Resin Mill.

We’re frequently contacted by happy and unhappy resin customers and like all industries there are good and bad operators. One of the biggest problems is lack of quality assurance and robust policies and procedures for both accreditation and training and competency.

FeRFA is the closest to this, but more is needed.

We always recommend consumers take time to read our guides on driveway surfacing products and make an informed decisions around their paving requirements.

We’re quality focused and reckon that any efforts to demonstrate quality and commitment to the long term is beneficial to all; be that suppliers, installers and customers.

We’re very interested in the quality testing procedures and will be liaising with FeRFA regarding these.

If you’re an installer that uses products from The Resin Mill we’d love to hear from you. And if you’re a customer that’s had an installation with The Resin Mill products let us know what you think.

Once again, congratulations to The Resin Mill on this outstanding achievement and recognition as one of the UK’s ‘in demand’ driveway resin suppliers.

Well Done!


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