Gorgeous block paving driveways can really enhance the look and value of any property.

Just take a look at some of the unique and beautiful designs below.


A geometric delight of block paving with subtle blending

The bordering of the lighter coloured blocks by the darker ones really frames this well. To the right the ‘mottled‘ effect of the mixed blocks provides a unique contrast.

The block paving market had to evolve with modern design features to keep up with newer paving technologies such as pattern imprinted concrete and more recently resin bound/bonded installations.

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When pattern imprinted concrete started gaining in popularity a major ‘selling‘ point was the variety of patterns, colours and being able to curve around areas. But block paving manufacturers fought back and elegant curves can be achieved with modern block edging.

Patterns  for block paving have always been restricted to a few, but in terms of colour….many subtle blends are available.

large block paving

Very large block paving which suits this wider style bungalow

For wider driveways using a very large block can create a pleasing effect as shown in the picture above. Generally, there has been a shift in using larger block paving over the traditional sized blocks. This in turn has made block paving designs such as Herringbone (below) appear quite dated.

Herringbone Block Paving

Herringbone Block Paving (old and dated design)

Block Paving Driveways – Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) Compliance

To be compliant with sustainability a number of block paving manufacturers now sell permeable paving blocks. The only visible difference is that serrated gaps can be seen between blocks. But this isn’t the main feature of a permeable block paving driveway that ensures suitable drainage. The sub base has to be laid to specific requirements.

paving designs

Serrated edges that allow water through and curving giving unique design

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