Gravel prices per ton…not as easy as you may think!

Home improvement DIY stores provide options to buy gravel in ‘bulk’ bags or 20-25kg bags. This is great for the DIYer looking to top up their patchy gravel driveway; but what about those with larger projects that need to know gravel prices per ton? The online stores will show a big picture of a bulk bag, a price and then under this they’ll explain how many metres one bag will cover at a specified depth. 

Gravel Driveway Installation

Wholesale distributors – Do they provide gravel prices per ton?

Possibly. But again they will generally provide prices for bulk bags of 750kgs to 850kgs. If we keep in mind that 1 UK ton is generally accepted to be equivalent to 1000kgs, we’re not even close to a ton.

The limit on bags seems to be 850kg. Whilst it’s impressive that bags can be made this strong (and lifted)….it’s still not a ton. So to get an accurate cost will not be easy.

Before we start to calculate gravel prices per ton lets get a few things straightened out.

For clarification:

1 Metric ton = 1000kgs

1 Long ton = 1016kgs

1 Short ton = 907.18kgs

1 Imperial Tonne = 1016.04kgs

Right? Lets keep to metrics and ignore the short ton (as only Americans use this.)

For our purposes (being geographically attached to Europe) 1 ton is 1000kgs. 

So, when calculating tonnage required any ordering will usually provide you with a maximum of 850kgs per bag.

So if you needed 5 ton then 5 X 850kgs will give you 4250kgs.

Short of 750kgs!!!!

Similar to supermarket price mismatching this anomaly causes confusion when trying to answer the simple question….

How much are gravel prices per ton????????

Irritatingly, it just seems that the price of gravel will just have to be calculated on the basis of 850kgs! But, some aggregate suppliers will give you a price per ton. Just make sure it is a ton.

Click below for some options on buying a ton.


Gravel Grids are useful to both stop gravel displacement and add stability, price them in too.

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Author: Steve Goldstone

Steve has been in the driveway and construction industry for a long time and knows the ins and outs of the business. His aim is to help consumers see the wood through the trees in the world of concrete, resin, paving and patios!

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