How long does resin bound driveway last – The burning question

resin bound driveway
Will this resin driveway stand the test of time?

How long does resin bound driveway last?

In our age of instant gratification and consumption we’re used to disposing of one thing and replacing it with another. Why should driveways be any different?

Lets start by looking at driveway surfacing options through time…..(keep in mind this isn’t a guide to the Galaxy!)

A fella noticed that sticky tar mixed with bit of stone made a good surface for horses and carts to go over, as opposed to dust and mud. I have an idea…he thought….lets patent it and the rest is history. In America this type of surfacae is called Asphalt and here in the UK it’s simply known as Tarmac (but Tarmac is actually a big company and they prefer it to be known as Tarmacadam – to avoid confusion).

open grade tarmac-closed grade tarmac-tarmac-driveway-asphalt-driveway
Who doesn’t like the smell of tar?

Gravel driveways. These have been around a long time….back…way back…probably to when the Flintstones were around and parking their car.

20 mm gravel driveway
A gravel driveway

Then Concrete. Yes, the Egyptians used it. So we guess, it can last a long time. But remember it’s not so much the concrete, iteself. It’s the colour that’s mixed into the surface of the concrete that counts. This can vary in quality an be penetrated (and broken down) by UV from that big yellow thing in the sky. That’s why you see tired and faded looking pattern imprinted concrete driveways…..that for some unknown reason many people fail to maintain (by resealing – see how here)

cobble design imprinted concrete
Large cobble design imprinted concrete

Most block paving is also made from concrete. The wider and thicker the block the better. The range of blocks available is wide…pardon the pun.

paving designs
Block paving that lets water through serrated edges

So, in a round about way we move along the timeline of history to Resin. A modern creation using technology similar to polyester being mixed with cotton socks!

Resin driveway
A resin mixture to lay a driveway (not a pair of socks)

At the technical level it’s all about bonding. Specifically, molecular bonds. Even though we’re not chemists we do understand chemical bonds. It’s amazing that resin is permeable and it’s equally awesome that the chemical bonds at the molecular level are so strong.

But there are some substances that can break these bonds which is why any spills need to be cleaned up immediately.

Resin technical

Resin problems

How long does resin bound driveway last?

Well, how long have they been around for? 10-20 years? Anything looks good when it’s put down new but what about after a few years, or more?

  • In a perfect scenario a resin bound driveway will be laid on a strong and stable sub base that in turn sits on a substrate of soil that will not move.
  • In a perfect scenario the preparation and laying of a resin bound driveway will in an ambient temperature with just the right amount of catalyst used.
  • In a perfect scenario the resin bound driveway will have been laid by professional and experienced installers.
  • In a perfect scenario a UV resistant resin will be used that does not change.
  • In a perfect scenario the driveway will not often endure the turning of the wheels of vehicles.

Get the picture….

It’s rare to find a driveway that has been laid perfectly. If this were possible they would last forever. Please note, however, that some stone roads have been around for many, many thousands of years.

Just think of the stone roads in Jerusalem.

But resin – who knows. Anybody can say, ‘yeah, sure it’ll last for 20 years plus and on top of that we’ll give you a ‘cast iron’ guarantee for 10 years.’ But this is based on nothing more than a salesman’s pursuit of a sale.

Think again – How long does resin bound driveway last? Should it really need asking?

The question itself suggests doubt that resin will last.

Whatever driveway product is chosen, be that block paving (may fade), pattern imprinted concrete (may fade and/or crack), tarmacadam (may melt or crack) or gravel (may sink) unless everything is perfect – there may be problems.

So the short answer to…………….How long does resin bound driveway last –

Who knows?

If you’re looking for the eternal look opt for Natural Stone. But this is heavy in weight and price.

If you’re looking for a quick fix up to sustain your property value or even in need of improving the chances of selling read this.

Let us know if you found this helpful! The main resin manufacturers and distributors in the UK are

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