Low maintenance driveways – The Top Two

low maintenance driveway resin bound

A low maintenance driveway with resin bound

maintenance pattern imprinted concrete

Pattern imprinted concrete is a low maintenance driveway surface

Firstly, forget block paving as a low maintenance driveways choice- blocks will require a sealer to stop organic growth. And there is no guarantee!

block paving weeds

Even the puniest weed can push through block paving

But if block paving is your choice at least look at the quality selections from these two suppliers:

Driveway Blocks from Marshalls

Driveway Blocks from Tobermore

Tarrmacadam? This can lift after a few years, so again not a low really a maintenance choice. If it wears away or cracks weeds will follow.

What’s the attraction of low maintenance driveways?

Modern lifestyles mean many of us have less time to spend pulling out weeds, sweeping and pressure washing driveway, pathway and patio areas. Whilst there are numerous driveway cleaning services available (be sure to read guide below first) these can cost up to £20 per square metre, or more.

More on driveway cleaning

Low maintenance driveways – Pattern Imprinted Concrete 

Patttern imprinted concrete is laid as one slab and the only area for weeds to grow are along expansion joints (which are cut into the concrete). A simple way to reduce this, however, is to ensure the expansion joints are sealed with mastic. This greatly reduces anything green appearing on a driveway at all.

imprinted concrete low maintenance

A low maintenance pattern imprinted driveway surface

Maintenance will be limited to giving a good sweep and the occasional pressure wash every couple of months.

Need a jet washer – a really good one? Read this before you buy one – could save you ££££s

Regular re-sealing is important for any pattern imprinted concrete driveway (regardless of pattern and colour). It’s best to get this done every two years or so. The pigmentation in coloured concrete will fade due to UV so re sealing is very important.

Sealing – what you need to know

We like pattern imprinted concrete. If it’s installed correctly it really is a superior product and ultra low maintenance.

Low maintenance driveways – Resin bound

There shouldn’t be any weed growth with resin bound – as long as it is regularly swept and washed off. There’s no need to go crazy, however.  Just a gentle (Stress gentle) regular wash off will do.

low maintenance resin bound drive

A beautiful low maintenance resin bound driveway

So there it is. The choice isn’t wide but that makes it easier for you to choose if low maintenance is an important feature for your new driveway surface.

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