Patterned concrete also known as pattern imprinted concrete and concrete imprint is one of the newer types (as in 20 years or so) of driveway surface.

patterned concrete
An eye catching pattern imprinted concrete installation

There are a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from and as a decorative paving solution it is competitively priced. The finished look is very attractive.

What is patterned concrete?

Plain concrete…is dull and grey.  

But patterned concrete is alive with colour! Click here for PICS Colour Chart


  1. As the colour only penetrates 5-8mm of the top layer of freshly laid concrete, an even distribution is necessary before troweling in. 
  2. Avoid adding too much or too little colour – both will result in patchiness. Consistency is vital with colour distribution!

Technically colour surface hardener is used to provide colour and importantly this also provides support to the finished surface. For the best type of finish laying in ambient temperature and moisture levels is a must. 

But just as important is the experience of contractor you use.  That’s where we come in!

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Pattern imprinted concrete – Frequently Asked Questions

Keeping an eye out for common mistakes

How long will a pattern imprinted concrete installation take?

The patterned concrete printing process:

Early imprinting made use of heavy metal molds which left a good deep print but colours were limited and blending wasn’t possible

Concrete Metal Mold Print
An older type metal mold print

Modern printing methods use rubber mats:

  • These are applied to the concrete surface and fit together.
  • Mistakes in the printing part of patterned concrete installation are difficult to put right. So experience, really does count.
  • Mats must lock together to ensure there are no gaps.
  • Mats must be carefully lifted to ensure they do not ‘snag‘.
  • Features such as brick soldier borders and circles need to be printed first.

Things to look out for pattern imprinted concrete installation

Comparing block paving to printed concrete

Comparing resin to printed concrete

Patterned concrete – more on patterns and colours

The range of pattern imprinting colours is extensive. Most pattern imprinted driveways and patios are either in charcoal black which looks very good with patterns that have a cobble or block effect. Other patterns such as Ashlar slate provide a realistic natural look.

Comparing real cobbles against printed cobble designs

Generally with pattern imprinted concrete installations – lighter colours look better on larger areas, whereas, darker colours work really well on smaller areas.

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