Permeable Block Paving – Way of the Future

Installing permeable block paving is environmentally friendly, and will ensure surface water can drain down through a driveway.

Manufacturers of block paving have come under pressure in recent years. This is due to the loss of garden areas to paving which has put a big strain on public drainage systems in many areas. Pressure has been applied to develop permeable paving choices which support the environment. 

Permeable paving ‘systems’ which have been developed use blocks which have serrated edged that allow water to drain down through the gaps between blocks.

But that’s just part of it.

A suitable sub base installation is the number one factor that determines an effective drainage system. And laying a permeable block paving system requires different sub base materials. More on this below.

Permeable Block Paving – So what’s different?

Generally, aggregate (stone) called MOT Type 1 is used in sub-base construction for driveways. This aggregate measures from a few millimetres to 500mm. Due to smaller particles filling gaps water drainage to substrate (ground underneath sub base) can get blocked.

There are a few problems with this.

  • Water sitting underneath a driveway weakens it.
  • The water table is not replenished which is a major environmental concern.

In contrast, the sub base for a permeable driveway uses different  aggregate….details below. 

IMPORTANT: Before considering a permeable block paving installation – Check suitability in the first instance!

Permeable Block Paving – Suitability

We’ve put a short questionnaire together to help.

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Permeable Block Paving – Installation

On the basis that suitability is fine, lets talk aggregate:

It’s advisable to pay attention to laying patterns suggested by manufacturers.

Use a Block Paving Company Installer with experience of permeable paving installation.

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Author: Steve Goldstone

Steve has been in the driveway and construction industry for a long time and knows the ins and outs of the business. His aim is to help consumers see the wood through the trees in the world of concrete, resin, paving and patios!

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