A light pressure wash a couple of times a year is usually enough to keep any resin bound surface fresh looking.

And resin bound driveway maintenance is quite minimal in comparison to some other paving surfaces.

A resin drive, patio or pathway truly provides a ‘low maintenance’ paving option and you won’t get weeds growing through.

In saying that, accidents and weather can create some problems. 

Fuel and Oil Spillages 

It’s not just old bangers that can spring a leak over your driveway. Corrosion and leaking engines from any vehicle can cause unwanted and unsightly spillages. Taking action quickly is key to keeping a resin bound surface in tip top condition.

In the first instance, wash off any fuel or oil thoroughly and then scrub with soapy water (fairy liquid should do). Then flush off any remaining fuel/oil and lightly pressure wash.

Oil spills may require a de-greasing agent but make sure to test on a small area at the edge first.

WARNING: Do not pour boiling water on a resin surface (under any circumstances). This will dissolve the resin and create a very problematic hole in the surface.

Moss and Algae

These resilient organic monsters take hold on driveways, patios and pathways. If your resin bound surface is in the sun all day this will not be a problem. On the other hand, moss and algae flourish in shaded, damp wet areas.

One solution is to cut back some greenery and let the ‘sun in’.

If this isn’t possible use a solution of bleach!

This will usually be enough to get rid of moss and algae growth but may need to be repeated several times. After, a light pressure wash will remove any excess.

Tyre Marks 

Quartz based lighter coloured driveways can really show tyre marks. These will be especially prominent if any turning is performed on a resin drive surface.

You could get better quality tyres! But using ‘fairy’ or some other type of household cleaner should be enough to take the marks off.

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Steve Goldstone
Author: Steve Goldstone

Steve has been in the driveway and construction industry for a long time and knows the ins and outs of the business. His aim is to help consumers see the wood through the trees in the world of concrete, resin, paving and patios!

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