How long will a resin bound driveway last?

resin bound driveway
A beautiful resin bound driveway installation costing less than 3500 pounds!!

A few weeks ago we looked at how long a resin bound driveway will last. Our conclusion was…well…inconclusive. But this is due to a number of variables such as:

  • In a perfect scenario a resin bound driveway will be laid on a strong and stable sub base that in turn sits on a substrate of soil that will not move.
  • In a perfect scenario the preparation and laying of a resin bound driveway will be in an ambient temperature range with just the right amount of catalyst used.
  • In a perfect scenario the resin bound driveway will have been laid by professional and experienced installers.
  • In a perfect scenario a UV resistant resin will be used that does not change.
  • In a perfect scenario the driveway will not frequently endure the ‘turning’ of wheels of vehicles.

The above is taken from our previous article which you can read here

How long will a resin bound driveway really last?

We hunted high and low and found an article by Sureset. We do not endorse any resin manufacturers or any other driveway surfacing manufacturer for that matter. That’s how we stay independently focused on quality and professional installations. But Sureset’s article boasted of a lifespan of 18 years!

18 years? Really?

As we mentioned in our last article, resin is the newest type of driveway surfacing so we were pleasantly surprised to learn of an installation that has stood the test of time.

But a further question came up:

Is there a type of resin that lasts longer than another?

As far as we know the two main resins are (resin technical information):

Aliphatic Polyurethane – UV stable – This is the best option for driveways, pathways and patios. The protection offered from UV will prolong the life of a resin bound driveway and also limit discoloration.

Aromatic Polyurethane – UV unstable –  Exposure to the sun, specifically ultra violet rays from sun will cause discoloration over time because the resin will darken making the aggregate (stone) appear darker, too.

A direct message to installers: You do all the hard work! IF anybody is in a great position to tell us about how different resins can impact how long a surface will look good for – it’s you!

We are genuinely here to improve standards across the driveway industry! We don’t want to sell materials or sell leads. We’re looking for professionals that take pride in their work and enjoy the driveways they create.

Remember each driveway is a unique creation. Through your hard work and skill homeowners are satisfied and the value of their homes are enhanced. Pat yourselves on the back and get in touch!

Your hard work and creativity is worth bragging about! Otherwise who knows about your awesome installations?

Specifically think about the questions below and get in touch!

Have you noticed a difference in the quality of resins?

Do some resins work better? If so, why?

Have you tried different manufacturers of resin? What have your experiences been like?

Can you beat 18 years? What is the longest lifespan of one of your installations?

Are you proud enough to put your name to a resin installation that has stood the test of time?

This is a great opportunity to connect with Drivewaywise. But remember we are only looking for professionals and those serious about enhancing the quality standards across the driveway industry. If that’s you contact us.

Can a resin bound driveway surface last almost 20 years?

We had to find out. So we decided to check out Sureset’s claim to fame. Some of our pictures are below:


Sureset Resin Bound
Resin Bound Installation standing the test of time
resin bound installation product life
Resin bound driveway installation 

The areas are framed in block paving and whilst they are not large areas we were impressed with the quality and outstanding look. We didn’t see any dull areas or inconsistencies. All surfaces were ‘flat as a pancake‘ and the colour variations both complimented and enhanced the overall appeal of the development.

Sureset have passed our test of credibility and trust based on the information available and appear to striving to achieve recognition as a market leader.

But we can’t just take Sureset’s word for it. Do you have experiences with Sureset?

If so, contact us and share, good and bad are welcome!

The quote below is from Sureset’s article

I think you’ll agree that this is proof that if you lay resin bound paving right, you lay it once. After 18 years this SureSet surface is still looking good.

We agree and would like to know more so that excellent standards can be maintained for this increasingly popular driveway surfacing product.

Click here for full article

We’re genuinely excited by all driveway surfacing styles, surfaces and colour blends.

Resin bound Driveway and a rosy future

Once upon a time driveways were viewed merely as a functional space in front of a house to just park a car, or two or these days 3 or maybe even 4. But with modern surfacing technologies such as resin and pattern imprinted concrete the value enhancing benefits of driveway creativity are in a world of their own.

Don’t you agree?

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