Resin Bound Gravel – How to Choose

One of the major benefits of choosing a resin driveway installation is the range of ‘one off‘ combinations that can be achieved by either mixing different colours of gravel, different types of gravel, or even different sizes. These variations create unique looks – setting your driveway apart from those using standard surfacing options around them.


A modern resin design

Different Types of Resin Bound Gravel

Resin bound gravel will be either granite, flint or quartz. But before it can be used on driveway installations it has to be specially treated. This involves grading (sizing) then washing and finally drying. As part of the preparation process gravel is ‘tumbled.‘ This ensures all finer particles (dust) are separated – this is a very important part of the process because for gravel to bond properly it must be completely ‘clean.‘ Finally, bone dry gravel is vacuum packed and kept moisture free until installation.

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Colour Blends of Resin Bound Gravel – No Limits

If the desired finished look of your driveway is to blend in with its surroundings (house, garage, garden) then choosing gravel or a colour combination that closely matches is best. Conversely, if striking contrasts are desired choosing a mixture of gravels that stand out will be the way ahead. Unlike other driveway surfacing products the unique colour combinations and subtle shades are what really set a resin bound driveway apart.

resin bound gravel

Resin bound gravel – Quartz

resin bound gravel silver granite

Silver granite for use in a resin bound driveway

Resin Bound Gravel – Difference In Sizes

The size of gravel ranges from 0.1mm to 10 mm. Generally, most driveway installations will use resin bound gravel of sizes between 3-8mm. Smaller size gravel maybe mixed in or used to fill smaller gaps. The use of larger size gravel (10mm) can be put to use in tree pits or surrounding border areas.

Of course, like most things in life variety is key. But avoid choosing mish – mash of colours, sizes and types as this may become too ‘busy‘.

resin driveways or block paving

A Stunning Resin driveway framed with block paving

First of all ask yourself – are you looking for attention or do you want to blend in? You can then choose which colour blends to use that best fit your personal choice.

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