Resin Driveway Costs 

In this article we are looking at the resin driveways costs as this driveway surface option is rapidly growing in popularity in the UK.

It is already widely used on commercial projects and pathways.

If the correct sub base is used, it can be made into a permeable and SUDs compliant surface. 

A stunning resin bound driveway…. is it really all about cost?

Resin Driveway Costs in Short:

Resin driveway costs can be as inexpensive as a simple (small area) overlay which will cost approx £70 per square metre.

Paving costs rise to approx £130+ per square metre, if extensive preparation (ground works) are required.

What influences the Resin Driveway Costs?

There are various factors which come into account when calculating the price of a resin driveway.

The location of the resin drive installation

Overheads for driveway installers are different depending on where in the country they are located. For example the South and South-East of England are more expensive to run your overheads than in the north of the country. Therefore you can expect a difference in pricing for your resin driveway installation depending on where the installation is to take place.

The size of the resin drive to be installed

While the price of resin and gravel will be the same for both a large or small resin installation, certain fixed costs will be the same and this can make a small installation relatively expensive compared to a large job if calculated per m².

Which gravel combination you are chosing for your resin driveway intallation

The type, size and kind of gravel you intend to use can influence the price of your driveway installation.  Your choosen in resin installer will be able to show you different options.

What kind of edging do you want for your driveway?

There are many edging options available. Straigth edges will be cheaper than curved ones, as it requires less time to finish.

A pattern imprinted concrete border looks fantastic but will be a more expensive choice than many alternatives.

Is the driveway being used for heavy goods vehicles

If you are planning on parking a boat on a trailer or a heavy moterhome on your driveway, you might want to consider a thicker layer of resin.

The quality of the resin being used

There are several manufacturers of resin in the UK and eventhough all claim to have the best resin, not all are as good as they claim.

There are also two types of resin on the market used for driveways UV and Non-UV stable resin. Read more about these here.

The price of your resin drive install can depend on the resin used by the installer and whether UV or Non-UV stable resin is used (UV stable being the better one).

Does any ground work need to be done

If you have an overlay over your existing driveway surface, the cost will be significantly lower than when a new sub base needs to be installed.

And if a sub base is needed, the price will depend on the type of sub base installed.

Will you prepare the sub base yourself?

If you can prepare the (existing) sub base yourself, you might be able to save a lot on your resin driveway installation costs.

Resin Driveway Costs – DIY Preparation

Is your concrete base or tarmacadam base in good condition?

Any cracks will need to be repaired.

Keep in mind that it’s not good practice to lay resin over the top of cracks.

If your existing base is concrete:

For small cracks of less than 10mm, any concrete filling product from a DIY store will do.

If there are larger cracks , you will need to use a more heavy duty filler such as Epoxy based Everbuild


If your existing base is Tarmacadam:

To fix your tarmac base, use cold lay pothole repair kits or something similar.

Resin Driveway Costs -Professional Installation

Expect to pay around the same per square metre as a DIYer for a simple overlay.

“What,  you say?” That’s crazy.

But that’s the truth.

There’s very little difference in resin driveway costs whether you choose a DIY route or professional installation route.

However, for a professional installation, additional costs will include sub base preparation, walling and possibly drainage installation.

If a full excavation laying of a new sub base is required (with gravel grids as well) expect to pay around £130 plus per m².

For a truly and fully permeable solution you will want to include a grid system with your installation.

We’d go for a recycled grid system such as the Ecogrid EL30 Plastic Porous Paving Grid system.

They’re competitively priced and coverage of almost 100 m² will cost around £1,400. 

On a final note….you will find heaps of eager ‘cash‘ deals out there….but as always…be wary….and sometimes the cheapest cash price can be the costliest in other ways.

 Old Dutch Saying: Pay Cheap. Pay Twice.

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