Resin driveway costs – Why let such a small thing get in the way of a beautiful new driveway?

This resin bound driveway is a perfect match for the characteristic style of this house.

Resin driveway costs can be as inexpensive as a simple (small area) overlay which will cost approx £50 per square metre. But paving costs rise to approx £100+ per square metre, if extensive preparation (ground works) are required.

resin driveway costs
A stunning resin bound driveway….all about the cost?

Resin driveway costs – DIY

If you’re handy, you can complete an overlay and do it yourself. This will be the cheapest option. Generally, DIY jobs of less than 10 square metres are doable but anything more than this? Get the professionals in.

Need a professional installer? Don’t worry just fill in your details on the right.

DIY kits are not cheap!! AND they’re not all the same. Expect to pay around £50 per square metre.

Resin driveway costs – DIY Preparation

Concrete base or tarmacadam base in good condition? Cracks? If so, these will need to be repaired.

Concrete – Small cracks of less than 10mm any concrete filling product from a DIY store will do. If there are larger cracks use a more heavy duty filler such as Epoxy based Everbuild

Tarmacadam – Use cold lay pothole repair kits or something similar.


Resin Driveway Costs -Professional installation

Expect to pay around the same per square metre as a DIYer for a simple overlay. What? That’s crazy.

But that’s the truth. There is very little difference in resin driveway costs. However, additional costs may include sub base preparation? And if a full excavation and the laying of new sub base is required (maybe gravel grids as well) expect to pay £100 plus per square metre.

If you want to include a grid system with your installation go for a recycled grid system such as the Ecogrid EL30 Plastic Porous Paving Grid system. They are competitively priced and coverage of almost 100 square metres will be around £1,400. 

On a final note….of course you will find heaps of eager ‘cash‘ deals out there….but as always…be wary….and sometimes the cheapest cash price can be the costliest in other ways.

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Resin colour and size of stone

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