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resin driveway berkhampstead
Resin Driveways - Berkhampstead

Thinking of on a Winter’s evening in 2019 and specifically of my resin driveway in Berkhampstead.

For you Steve, you old charmer!

I’d been thinking about having the driveway and patio done for some time. Whilst we have a spectacular large sweeping driveway and the Rhododendrons look marvellous in the Spring, the problem is the drive itself.

It’s old tarmac and it’s crumbling and in very poor condition. On several occasions I’d almost lost my right leg in a pothole adjacent to the garage.

It’s been a long time since I’ve called anybody out for a quotation on anything at all, least of all for home improvements.

Admittedly, I was a little put off with the last ‘sales’ person that turned up here at our Northchurch Manor, about replacing the windows, some many years ago. He told me (for too long) of his family and his hopeless golfing hobby His knowledge of PVCVEECSE windows was excellent though, but he just didn’t know when to be quiet.

After what seemed like hours my husband simply picked up his coat and held it up for the poor chap.

So, with my urgent driveway requirements who should I call?

What choices that are available?

I further admit from the outset, that I did like the newer Resin Driveways, that seemed to be sprouting up all over the place. They looked so ‘modern’’.

Luckily, Google made my search very easy.

I simply typed in Resin Driveways!

Ah, yes. I was confronted with Ads and more Ads but then I came across a very useful Driveway site aptly named

At first glance, I was a little put off by the garish green colours of the website. However, once I settled down with a nice cup of Horlicks and Paws (you guessed it, my cat) and some Digestives, I was engrossed with the detailed information on all driveway surfacing products.

Drivewaywise was exactly what I was looking for.

Steve Goldstone knows his stuff.

There are things that I know now about drainage and sub base preparation that I’d never had any knowledge about. I also enjoyed his great video on Resin Bound Driveways, especially the ‘guest’ appearance of Chewbacca!

Press play and enjoy!

But was Steve, (with all his useful insights) any good at putting me in touch with a professional and reliable driveway company?

How could I trust him?

He didn’t even have an address on his website. Could he be one of those tax dodging off shore tax haven people….sitting on his Yacht in St Kitts?

Surely not! The sincerity and passion of his writing captured my heart.

After reading the Drivewaywise General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) notice I felt, somewhat, reassured. It’s a relief to know that by providing my details to Drivewaywise I would not be bombarded with lots of nuisance calls and ‘door knockers’ looking to drive a cash bargain.

The best bit was that I didn’t need to talk to anybody at all.

I simply filled in my details and within a day I was contacted by a resin driveway firm recommended by Drivewaywise.

They had a brilliant portfolio of work and specialised in landscaping (which was handy because my whole back garden needed a makeover).

If you live in Berkhampstead (as I mentioned I live in Northchurch) then I highly recommend initially contacting Steve Goldstone to discuss your driveway needs.

I understand the company he recommended for us, covers all areas in the HP4 postcode area including Hudnall Common, Meadway, Ashdridge Park and Potten End. I also know they ‘travel’ out as far as Welwyn Garden City, Dunstable and even High Wycombe.

The particular company recommended only install resin from one of the UK’s leading manufacturers. I have nothing but gushing admiration for both the superb finished look and the high level of professionalism shown by the appointed contractors, throughout.

I hope you have found this useful. I must go, the kettle is boiling and Paws needs a ‘Dreamie’.

This marketing presentation is brought to you by DrivewayWise – Knowledge you can Trust.

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