Resin Driveway vs Block Paving

Choosing between resin driveways or block paving drives can be difficult. Both paving products can offer the perfect finishing touch to the outside of any home.

But how does resin compare to block paving?

Resin Driveways or Block paving – Some Background

Block paving really took off in the 1980s. The mass manufacturing of concrete blocks combined with basic colour blends made block paving an attractive alternative to concrete, gravel or tarmacadam.

Today, the larger range of colours (with subtle blends and effects) as well as variation in block sizes means fading is less of an issue, and design options are much wider.

In comparison resin is a newer surfacing product. In simple terms mixing different coloured gravel with glue.

That’s about it.

Resin driveways are promoted as a ‘permeable’ paving surface and this is true, to a certain extent. 

But permeable block paving is also available (with suitability conditions attached).

It’s also important to understand that whilst a resin/gravel driveway mixture is permeable, this is only any ‘true’ if the surface underneath the resin/gravel mixture is also permeable! 

If there’s a gradient/slope there shouldn’t be any problem with surface water. But if there isn’t consideration must be given to drainage.

More on drainage

Resin Driveways or Block Paving- Quality?

Drivewaywise are independent with our observations across the whole of the driveway surfacing market. We don’t favour one driveway surfacing product over another. 

In our opinion, the resin driveway market suffers from inconsistency in quality standards. Whilst we’ve seen some amazing resin drive installations, we’ve also seen some pretty poor installations, too.

Of course there are plenty of poor block paving installations out there, also. But consistent quality standards with the larger block paving manufacturers such as Tobermore, Marshalls and Bradstone equate to better quality blocks, all around.

In contrast, resin manufacturers are able to ‘tweak’ their resin recipes and this makes specifying a uniform quality standards (for the driveway market) more difficult.

Treating materials as equal; it then comes down to the quality of skill, experience and workmanship with installations. 

The perfect circumstances for any homeowner, are having a skilful installers with the right level of experience….and using the very best materials available.



Resin Driveways or Block Paving – All About The Looks?



If you’re comparing a new resin driveway installation against an old fading, and worn block paving installation then yes, the resin drive will look modern and attractive. However, if you’re comparing a new resin bound installation with a new block paving installation (that is using modern blocks with a modern block paving design) then the ‘looks‘ will all boil down to personal choice.

What’s good for one person isn’t necessarily good for another.

Are you considering a new driveway? Too many choices? We can help!

We’ve got great relationships with all driveway surfacing product manufacturers and importantly know which installers to use.

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