block paving driveways
Block Paving

Gorgeous Block Paving Driveways

Gorgeous block paving driveways can really enhance the look and value of any property. Just take a look at some of the unique and beautiful designs below. The bordering of the lighter coloured blocks by […]

block paving companies
Block Paving

Are Decent Block Paving Companies that Hard to Find?

From the outset….lets be clear most block paving companies provide outstanding and professional surfacing installations.There are a few bad companies out there but overall the majority will do a spectacular job. Finding Block Paving Companies […]

driveway paving options
Block Paving

A Guide to Driveway Paving Options

If you have travelled around the world you will know the UK and US stand out with both the variety of driveway paving options and unique designs. That isn’t to say the UK and US […]

paving designs
Block Paving

Paving Designs Block Paving

Paving designs with block paving have moved a long way from simple herringbone and basketweave layouts commonly seen in the 1980s and 1990s. In this post we’ll take a look at some inspiring designs using […]

Block Paving

Must READ block paving drainage problems guide

There are three main causes of block paving drainage problems: Block paving drainage problems – Laying on a concrete base If there’s a fall (slope that drains either naturally or to installed drainage) blocks can […]

why has my block paving sank on my driveways
Block Paving

Why has my Block Paving Sank?

Why has my Block Paving Sank? It’s irritating and gradually happens over years. If block paving is left to sink it can become a trip hazard and for late night stragglers potentially dangerous. Exceptional cause […]

block paving or pattern imprinted concrete
Block Paving

Block Paving or Pattern Imprinted Concrete?

Choosing between block paving or pattern imprinted concrete is one of the main dilemmas that home owners face. Yes, Tarmacadam is a resilient surfacing product but it’s ‘look’ is dated and better suited to large driveway areas […]

channel drainage con-crete block
Block Paving

Channel Drainage – Money Down the Drain?

Channel Drainage for Driveways The most popular linear (straight line) drainage systems for driveways are channel drainage systems. These usually come in 1 metre lengths of recycled polypropylene or concrete, and you see them everywhere. […]

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