Block Paving

Must READ block paving drainage problems guide

There are three main causes of block paving drainage problems: Block paving drainage problems – Laying on a concrete base If there‚Äôs a fall (slope that drains either naturally or to installed drainage) blocks can […]

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Block Paving
why has my block paving sank on my driveways
Block Paving

Why has my Block Paving Sank?

Why has my Block Paving Sank? It’s irritating and gradually happens over years. If block paving is left to sink it can become a trip hazard and for late night stragglers potentially dangerous. Exceptional cause […]

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resin drive problems patching resin driveways
Resin Driveways

Problems with Resin Drives?

6 Common Resin Drive Problems Resin drive problems usually stem from unprofessional and/or inexperienced installers. Here is a list of 6 common problems, and how to avoid them. We also made a brief introductory video […]